The Global Investment Attraction Group provides comprehensive solutions for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) clients on both sides of the transaction in the domestic and international spectrum. We assist in the process of establishing, growing or relocating ventures to the most financially strategic locations in the US with the most efficient access to the American market. Our approach is to guide companies every step of the way during the transition process by tailoring services to specific industries and needs – you can focus on growing your business with peace of mind.

Business Soft Landing Services

When foreign companies are trying to establish a US investment project and making it operational, they face a number of steps where they need to interact with various Government agencies to obtain all the necessary permits, licenses, approvals and clearances.

The Global Investment Attraction Group offers Soft Landings to ensure that international companies entering or expanding into the U.S. are provided with an accelerated introduction to local business practices, regulations, and culture. This begins with an assessment to identify their unique needs and provide them with a resources team to assist with their specific requirements. Our legal services are focused on advising businesses and investors on transnational investments in the United States, including foreign business transactions, immigration and tax issues. The result is a turnkey operation to get companies working in the new market as quickly and efficiently as possible, so they can focus on their business without upsetting the business flow.

Some of these services include:

Site Selection

We take a collaborative approach to working with international corporate investors and ensuring optimal location solutions. We will guide you through our process, focusing on factors including site and infrastructure, workforce, incentives and quality of life to determine a development schedule, the initial and recurring costs, and negotiate meaningful incentives packages.​

Tax & Corporate Law

Accessing the US marketplace is the key to success for many businesses around the world. We provide a full range of company incorporation services to establish your business presence in the US.​ We navigate our clients through the foreign investment process, guiding them in making appropriate investment decisions based on their specific needs.​

Immigration Law​

​We will work with you to assess your need for immigration law services and develop a compliance strategy, ensuring the establishment of new policies and proper completion of important documents, including the EB-5 Visa (a program that determines eligibility to apply for a green card). We also assist in responses to DOL, USCIS and ICE and are available in other areas related to HR. 

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